Yes, And ... Your LIFE!

Four steps to yes, and! Bring them to your staff, students and LIFE!

Ever wonder why improvisers seem as though they have it all together?

Well, the truth is, improvisers study and execute a standard which allows them superior communication skills, flexibility, trust and calculated risk taking.  These skills are no secret and might even seem basic to the onlooker.  We only have one question at, Yes, and … Your LIFE!  If they are so basic why don’t our work, school and life cultures revolve around those skills?  The answer is simple, in our daily lives, we don’t take the time, as the skilled improviser does, to practice them.

This is where the YAY LIFE, “Four Steps to Yes, And …”, comes in.  The steps are designed for us to practice in our daily, work, school and personal lives, and as each step is practiced and embedded into your culture; productivity, joy, innovation, conflict and so much more improve.  Whether you utilize this program as a recurring workshop for an extended period of time or do a one day performance or workshop, these skills will start to change the people they are being exposed to.

So, what do you say?  Should we get together and discuss how these four steps align with your culture?

This is where you say … YES!