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Four steps to yes, and! Bring them to your staff, students and LIFE!


Whether your business needs conflict resolution strategies, lateral leadership coaching or innovation strategies, Improvisation is the foundation to build upon.

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If only we embedded the soul of an improviser on the youth of our society, children would grow up to be the leaders and innovators we need.

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Learn the system created by YAY LIFE.  Purge your life of the things that hold you back, and embrace the elements improvisers find essential for success.

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Need a performance for a meeting or seminar?  Don’t be the same talking heads your staff will forget in 5 minutes!  We can customize a performance to your industry and business. Yes, I want to Learn more!
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The skills improvisers use on stage have the power to be transformative in how we communicate, work together and live.

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“Dominic, working with you and your team was an outstanding experience!  Our messaging was brought to life in a fun, impactful and relevant way – engaging the 200+ global participants!”

Barb Ingold
Senior Director, Global Supply Chain & Sustainability
McDonald’s Corporation

“The staff is still talking about how much they enjoyed your time with us and applying what they learned from you in their classrooms.”

Anne Paonessa

Yes, and … our troupe

To instill and foster the soul of an improviser into your staff, students and self.

Dominic A. Cattero

Founder & CEO

Dominic has studied and taught improvisation for 17 years.  He has trained improvisers who are performing from LA to Chicago.  He is the creator of the YAY LIFE’s, “Four Steps to Yes, AND!”

Jeremy Schaefer

Team Leader

Jeremy is an actor, improviser, storyteller, writer and facilitator.  He is a regular improviser and instructor at Laugh Out Loud.  As a facilitator he has led workshops in both the US and UK.

Ricky Haschemeyer


With over a decade of experience within the improv community Ricky has toured the country extensively with the award-winning group, Octavarius.  He is also the producer for the College Improv Tournament.

Lizzie Daniels


Lizzie has been learning, performing and teaching for 15 years.  She has toured across the country including performances in New York City, San Francisco, and Honolulu.

Yes, and … our contemplations

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