The “Funny” Misconception

The “Funny” Misconception

June 13, 2017 Business Education 0

So… you’re an improviser?  You must be really funny!

It intrigues me that people find improvisation and funny to be synonyms, when actually, improvisation is much more than that.

The technical definition on is, “to compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation;extemporize“.  By that definition, I am improvising right now using this keyboard, and you improvise your way through the day from sun up to sun down.  

What is the difference and how have the two become synonymous?  In answer, it is true, much of the time we view improvisation, it is humorous- not because the people are the funniest people on their block or they were all voted class clown in high school.  It is due to what they study, how they communicate and their highly effective team work.  I have worked with many people in my career and it never ceases to amaze me how improvisers understand the task, accept it, innovate solutions on the fly, and everyone comes out looking brilliant, (when everyone plays by the rules).  

When I tell people what I do with the craft of improvisation, without fail someone will say, “why would a business or school need that?”  The question I answer with is, “why don’t ALL businesses and schools put these principles at their core and build off that foundation?”

When our team goes in to work with groups, our goal is not to make people funny, or make them more appealing in a group by telling jokes. It is in fact much more simple; we want people to truly have a grasp on WHAT makes an improviser the most effective employee you could want.  We harness the energy and soul of the improviser and spray it forward into the room. We let it take root in the people, in the building and in every idea.

So if you think hiring us is to make you a staff of stand up comics- not gonna happen.  Our goal is to make your business or school grow from the successes of each other by learning to listen and not force an idea down someone’s throat and obtain a group mind by eliminating egos and … 

It is all these other elements of the improviser’s soul, which are masterfully and seamlessly woven into their art, that elevate them into another stratosphere-not because they are funny.


This is just one of the techniques to apply to your life. Marrying this with the other elements, gives greater success.