Brilliant people

Brilliant people

July 6, 2017 Business Education LIfe 0

Do you surround yourself with brilliant people?  Why not?

Do you consider yourself brilliant?  Why not?

In order for you to achieve your true potential, you must not only come to terms with the brilliance within you, but also surround yourself in the brilliance of others.  Now, don’t misinterpret my words. In no means do I insinuate or condone cockiness as acceptable. The opposite is in fact the soul of an improviser. It is when the acknowledgement of brilliance within yourself is achieved while remaining genuinely humble that you will unleash an infectious spirit which true leadership is built upon.  To understand how to accomplish this we must look outside ourselves and to those which we surround ourselves.

The first question I pose is why spend time incorporating individuals into the fabric of your culture that you don’t find brilliant?  Both individuals would be better suited exploring different endeavors, such as solo partner dancing. That being said, most everyone has elements of brilliance lurking within them. The master improviser knows this, and finds the brilliance within each person they put their trust.  At times the brilliance an improviser finds can be unknown to the person which it belongs.  However, in time the acknowledgment by others of this brilliance will nurture it within its owner.  This brilliance can then thrive and foster the group mind and super objective of an organization without fear of failure.

It is also important to, when in your control, choose the people around you to be those people who complete this circle of brilliance and thus find the brilliance inside of you.  This doesn’t mean these people surrounding you don’t still challenge you and push you forward, or that you are superior to those around you.  That’s what is essential to a circle, each section is just as crucial as the others for its strength and integrity to hold up over time.

It is the balance between accepting your own brilliance and celebrating colleagues brilliance which creates the circle of energy that drives a team.  But always know, the first step to brilliance is to admit that you yourself ARE brilliant.  

Look in the future for a post on lateral leadership.

Challenge: surround yourself only with people who complete the circle of brilliance between themselves and yourself. AND… find brilliance in everyone you work with.

This is just one of the techniques to apply to your life. Marrying this with the other elements, gives greater success.